RADE KONČAR ZAVARUVANJE I SERVIS Holding – belongs in the group of oldest welding factories for welding equipment. It is a strong, growing company with over 50 years experience in production of welding equipment and special machines. The first product line was available on the market since the year of 1948. The manufacturing processes and the work of the company as a whole have been always based on modern technology and highly skilled human resources.


The production programs involve all standard welding procedures: REL-MMA, MIG-MAG, TIG, PLAZMA cutting, electric-resistance welding, inverter apparatus and so forth. One of the daughter companies, RADE KONČAR - Specijalni Mashini, is focused on designing and producing special machines, strictly based on requirements of a client. The company owns a servicing department, which includes servicing of equipment for several other brands besides Koncar.


The company is involved in both domestic and international sales. In the last period RADE KONČAR ZAVARUVANJE I SERVIS has achieved realization in sales of more than 400 000 products for companies on the Balkan region, West-European markets, Middle East, Australia and others. The products with symbol RK are well-known all over the world with continuous quality for many decades. We tend to expand our sales in new markets, and strengthen and increase the existing trade in current ones.


Professional, friendly and customer support sales people respond to potential customers questions immediately and effectively, thus doing business with RADE KONČAR ZAVARUVANJE I SERVIS is easy. Technical and marketing support is available constantly, so that a solution is provided to every requirement. Even if potential buyers are not quite confident what they need, trough close assistance and examination of the situation we manage to provide the most optimized solution.